May 20, 2015 : Institute of Advance Legal Studies : London
09.00-09.30 // Registration
09.30-09.40 // Introductory notes (UCL-IA / ILAS)

09.40-10.55​: Introductory Table


Dr Par Engstrom (UCL)

'The Impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System: Current Achievements and Future Challenges' 


Dr. Anita Ferrara (CTJD)


'The Inter-American Court of Human Rights and Truth Commissions' 


Beatriz Contreras (Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Chile)

'Chile and the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights' 


Francisco Somarriva (UCL)


'Land as part of the psychical integrity of the Mapuche'

10.55-11.05 // Coffee break

11.05-13.00​: Stream 1: Torture


Carla Ferstman (Redress)


'The Garcia Lucero Case'


Dr. Cath Collins (University of Ulster)


'Garcia Lucero and the meeting of reparations and justice rights of torture survivors in Chile'


Maria del Carmen Fleitas Delgado and Briana Okuno (UCL)


'Barriers to Justice: A History of Impunity in Chile'


Alex Wilks (IBA)


'Training judges/lawyers in torture prevention/international law'

13.00-13.30 // Lunch

13.30-15.20​: Stream 2: LGTBI


Dr. Penny Miles (University of Bristol)


'The Atala and Daughters Case'


Dr. Jorge Contesse (Rutgers School of Law-Newark)


'Transnational approach to address LGTBI rights litigation'


Alberto Coddou (UCL)


'The Atala Case: a landmark case for a transformative approach to Anti-Discrimination Law in Latin America'


15.20-15.30 // Coffee break

15.30-18.00​: Stream 3: Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Jimena Reyes (FIDH)


'The Norin Catriman et al. case'


Anubhav Dutt Tiwari (University of Essex)


'Free, prior and informed consent in Latin America'


Rodrigo Cespedes (Manchester University) 


'Indigenous rights and Criminal law in the Americas: regional application of the ILO Convention 169'


Christian Blanco (Oxford) and Luis Garrido (Cambridge)


'Recognizing indigenous rights, the cases of Chile and Mexico'


Nancy Garcia (University of Essex)



18.00-18.10 // Closing notes (Embassy of Chile)


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